Eternal Sky 

Counseling and Coaching

Aries McGinnis, CMHC, LPC

Telehealth Counseling and Coaching

15 Years Experience Working with Adolescent, Teens and Adults via Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

State Licensures

While working with people, I help them work through the process of engagement, healing, and growth. My initial approach is to see the person for who they are: what is great about them. We all have greatness and I work with people to help them see their own greatness noting that their behaviors does not define them. The behavior is unhealthy, not the person. Who a person is at the core is always great, healthy, and beautiful. As we pull apart maladaptive behaviors from the individual, I help people become actively engaged in their own therapeutic process. When a person is engaged, we can begin the journey of healing and growth.

In working with clients, I find a core issue is often anxiety of some sort. At its core, therapy is sharing some of your deepest feelings, thoughts, concerns. That can, understandably, create anxiety. As you reach out to therapists, you want someone who understands this and helps you feel safe to share. 

Personally, I love the mountains and outdoors. Skiing, rafting, canyoneering, kayaking, and hiking are some of my loves. I have also enjoyed adventurous activities such as hang gliding, sky diving, and bungee jumping. I grew up outside of Philadelphia and I remain close to my roots heading home multiple times a year to see family and friends. I spent a decade in Utah working with teens and families before moving further north. I now enjoy the living in wild state of Alaska.